Bitcoin Energy Launches ‘Liquid Assets’

INDIO, Calif. — In a crowed energy drink market, a creative approach brings a new player making aggressive moves and a market disruption to a stale industry. Bitcoin Energy, LLC is targeting an emerging millennial market that is more interested in blockchain technology and financial success than skateboards. The Bitcoin Energy drink ‘Liquid Assets’ launch party at the Coachella Music Festival Vamped event featured a private Sunday acoustic set by Justin Bieber along with a vast array of celebrities and social media super influencers and had attendees buzzing about the incentive and flavor of the new energy drink on the block.

Available for sale beginning today, in a first of its kind promotion and available through Amazon, each Bitcoin Energy drink is given a code on the bottom of the can. For every 10,000 twelve-pack cases sold, a free Bitcoin is given away that at the time of this writing is currently worth approximately $9,500 USD. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to take part in the promotion. Customers simply visit for rules, register the code on the bottom of their can and we hope YOU are the lucky winner!

While ad budgets for the major energy drink brands are focused on sports sponsorships and athlete endorsements, Bitcoin Energy makes those ad budgets available to their entrepreneurial fans by giving away Bitcoin and other prizes to its fortunate customers. To put it in perspective, if Red Bull Energy Drink decided to run our same innovative program they’d have already awarded over 600,000 Bitcoins to the customers that drink it, for us, that’d be much better than promising to give their customers wings.

While the major energy drink brands focus on an extreme sports lifestyle, Bitcoin Energy drink focuses on the life of the millennial entrepreneur. Those that embrace the hustle and the grind to make it matter and have a dream. All of that takes smooth energy and the official Bitcoin Liquid Assets Energy Drink changes the game, providing healthy energy in a delicious, naturally sweetened drink with a hint of tropical fruit. Containing a full spectrum of vitamins, plant-sourced major, trace and ultra-trace minerals and phytonutrients from wildcrafted mangosteen, organic green tea, and organic aloe vera, this is the energy drink that gives you more than just energy!

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